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Synthetic Grass

Synthetic Grass New Smyrna Beach, FL Everyone wants their turf installations to look green and lush. However, very few have the time and energy to maintain them. Natural grass requires a significant amount of effort to keep it green and healthy. Property owners spend large amounts of money on annual lawn maintenance plans to keep the grass healthy. There is also the added expense and time required for watering the lawns.

Many people ultimately begin to feel that lawns need far more effort and time than they"re worth. It"s also why property owners are now exploring the possibility of getting synthetic grass installed on their property. We at Allphases Fence and Pavers are a leader in the outdoor construction industry.

Custom Artificial Grass Installation Services

When we handle landscape design and planning jobs, our team can install synthetic turf on outdoor spaces of any size and shape. Over the years, we have catered to numerous residential and commercial clients and around New Smyrna Beach. We have what it takes to offer our clients the best artificial grass solutions. We make sure that you get customized solutions and the type of grass that will add to the value and beauty of your property.

Advantages of Artificial Grass

There are many advantages to installing artificial grass. Most property owners hesitate because of the upfront costs involved. We, however, know from experience that the slightly higher initial costs are made up in savings down the track. There are many benefits to getting synthetic grass installed, such as:

  • Convenience - This is a notable quality of artificial grass because you don"t have to mow it every week or fortnight. You don"t need to water it or hire professionals for maintenance. You can use a blower to clean the debris or leaves that may have fallen on it.

  • Durability - The best synthetic grasses last for several years with minimal maintenance. Today, these products have a very natural look and feel, and most people can"t even tell it apart from the real thing. It can easily last for up to a decade without fading or deteriorating even after being exposed to the sun"s rays and inclement weather.

  • Maintenance - You don"t have to worry about pest control, fertilization, aeration, or adding mulch. It"s resilient, so you don"t have to worry about it being damaged from rough use. It"s a great alternative to natural grass for homes with kids and pets.

  • Long Term Savings - As mentioned earlier, artificial lawn cost can be higher than natural grass lawns initially. However, you can save thousands of dollars on water bills and maintenance over time.

We handle the artificial grass installation job systematically and use only the best grade products. We will level the ground if needed and will make sure the grass is installed neatly in the desired areas.

For any more information about our synthetic grass installation services, feel free to contact Allphases Fence and Pavers at this number-386-423-9898. You can also send us your project details or queries via this Contact Us form. One of our experts will contact you shortly to discuss your project and get it started. You can also request a free estimate via this form.

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