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Fire Features

Firer Features New Smyrna Beach, FL Outdoor features enhance the aesthetics and functionality of the landscaping. In addition to various other elements, fire features add a distinct charm to these areas. They are the perfect way to create comfortable and warm zones in your yard or landscape. But if you want excellent quality, unique fireplaces, and fire pits, you need the expertise of skilled local hardscapers like us.

We at Allphases Fence and Pavers are a leader in the outdoor construction industry. When we handle fire feature design and planning jobs, our team designs and install all types of fireplaces and fire pits. Over the years, we have catered to numerous residential and commercial clients in and around New Smyrna Beach. We have what it takes to offer our clients the best, fire feature solutions.

Custom Fire Feature Designs and Plans

We provide high-quality solutions to our clients and can cater to your custom fireplace requirements. Our team of skilled professionals is here to help you with every phase of your fire feature installation project, from design to completion. We provide unique fire feature layouts and plans. As a company with extensive experience in this space, we have been designing and building the best grade concrete and brick fireplaces and fire pits for property owners across the region.

Installing a custom natural stone gas burning fireplace or fire pit is an excellent way to use your outdoor living area right around the year. These comfortable and warm zones are ideal for entertaining friends and hosting parties, even when there is a nip in the air. We can also install grills on your fire pit to turn it into an outdoor cooking feature.

Fire Feature Ideas

Natural stone fireplaces and brick fire pits add classic beauty to your yard. When we handle your outdoor fireplace project, you can be sure that skilled hardscape designers are tackling the job. They will provide 3D renderings of the fire feature after detailed discussions with you. Whether you want to include the fireplace in your new landscape plans or want the element installed in an existing yard, we can help. We use high-grade materials in the project and complete the installation to industry standards.

Fire Pit Design and Installation

When we are constructing fire features in an existing yard, our designers ensure that these features sync with the appearance and styling of various other installations in your landscape. For instance, if you have a sandstone paver patio, we will make sure that the outdoor fireplace or fire pit has a similar look. We may use the same materials if it’s practical.

We never compromise on the quality of any project and make sure that every feature adds value to your property. Our company assures you of high-grade installations at a very competitive fire feature cost.

For any information about our fire feature installation services, please contact Allphases Fence and Pavers at this number-386-423-9898. You can also send us your queries and project details or via this Contact Us form. One of our team members will contact you to discuss your project and get it started. You can also request a free estimate via this form.